Drum Lessons and Prices

Take some lessons, play the drums and have some fun!

Learning to play drums is easier with two drum kits in the classroom - one for the student and one for the teacher
All drum lessons at The Drum Studio, right from the very beginning, are taught on two complete drumkits. This way both the student and the instructor can play together at the same time. The kits are also arranged in such a way as to enable the student to see the instructor, and vice-versa. This enables the student to more easily follow along and, more importantly it enables the drum instructor to assess the student as they play together. As well, a sound system with headphones, in each studio, provide a level of hearing protection and the ability to more easily hear the music being played to.

Learn to Play the Double Kick


Drum lessons can be taken in 1/2 hour or hour long sessions. The prices are:

Lessons can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly as best fits the students' needs.

The Drum Studio offers discounts to families with two or more students registered for drum lessons.

Note that all of our drum students also learn to read and write drum music and drum music tabs, opening up a whole new world of music to them.

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