Drum Products for Sale at The Drum Studio

Los Cabos drumsticks are available for purchase at The Drum Studio in London, Ontario

Los Cabos Drumsticks

The Drum Studio is proud to use Los Cabos (100% Canadian) drumsticks exclusively, and has them available for sale to its students. Ask about checking out a pair the next time you're in for a drum lesson. You'll be glad you did. Los Cabos makes beautiful drumsticks in maple, red hickory and white hickory. Check out the Los Cabos Drumsticks web site for more information.

Products We Use

At the Drum Studio we use, and support the use of the following professional drum products.


Drum Heads


Hardware & Stands



Sound System

Reading Material


We use (Canadian-Made) Los Cabos Drumsticks exclusively.

Drums, Cymbals and Drum Hardware

The Drum Studio often comes across drum equipment in great working order and makes it available for sale to its students. Stay in touch with The Drum Studio via our Facebook and our Twitter pages so you won't miss out on the next amazing deal.

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