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Here are Some Fun/Informative Drumming Videos From the Web

One of The Drum Studio's students won the FM96 "Surprise Surprise" contest recently and had the opportunity to play with Billy Talent during the sound check for a concert here in London, Ontario. Patrick totally nailed it, of course.

This is one of our favorite inspirational youTube videos. Canadian-born Alvin Law is a motivational speaker and drummer. Alvin plays the drums, even though he was born without arms.

Here's a short video from Drumfest 2010 featuring
one of The Drum Studio's drum students.

An unbelievable 4 minute drum solo by the great
Buddy Rich. Amazing technique!

This guy juggles 3 drumsticks AND plays a groove at the same time!

Carl Palmer, the drummer for Emerson, Lake and Palmer (among other great musical bands) playing an amazing snare drum solo...

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